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MIS Right Sizing Estimator - # of 3 Yard Bins

Meals Served Per Day

# of Meals brought from home

# of BIC Meals Served

# of Lunch Meals Served

# of Nutrition Meals Served

# of Afterschool Meals

Other Waste

How many bags of greenwaste are disposed of weekly? (30 lb per bag avg)

How many operational classrooms?

How many bags of trash does the cafeteria dispose of daily?

Food Consumption Percentage

Meals brought from home

Breakfast in Classroom Juice & Milk

Breakfast in Classroom Food

Breakfast in Classroom Fruit

Nutrition Juice & Milk

Nutrituion Food

Nutrution Fruit

Lunch Juice & Milk

Lunch Food

Lunch Fruit

Afterschool Juice & Milk

Afterschool Food

Faculty Food

Weekend Food