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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 K-12 Recycling Competition!

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Campus Sustainability Program

Campus Sustainability Program


The Campus Sustainability Program, open to all 2 and 4 year universities and colleges, provides an opportunity to recognize existing campus efforts to reduce and eliminate waste, improve and enhance beautification and document community volunteer initiatives to end littering, improve waste reduction and beautify campuses. The program is designed to raise awareness about the environment through activities of each school’s choosing. KCB believes that the knowledge and experience obtained in college shapes not only the future of students, but of the world as well. Ideas and practices adopted in the collegiate setting continue well past graduation. To encourage and support environmental stewardship, KCB has begun partnering with universities to teach students about the role that sustainable practices have in creating a positive future for California.


Why Should A Campus Join?

Campuses will benefit by utilizing Keep California Beautiful programs to:

  • Recognize 2 and 4 year public and private colleges and universities as program partners,
  • Augment existing sustainability efforts,
  • Influence attitudes and behaviors regarding individual environmental responsibility,
  • Help enhance quality of life through an improved physical environment,
  • Encourage students and faculty to engage in meaningful activities that help create sustainable environments not only on campus but in their local community,
  • Improve ties with the community
  • Connect statewide and nationally with our partner Keep America Beautiful,
  • Participate in national public-private partnership programs like the Great American Clean Up, RecycleMania and America Recycles Day,
  • Become eligible for Affiliate grant programs.

For More Information On Campus Sustainability Program

Cecile Carson 
Co-lead  Consultant
Mobile: 940.230.6035
[email protected]

Christine Flowers
Co-lead  Consultant
(916) 454-9067
[email protected]

Ray Scott
KCB Board President
(661) 831-2321
[email protected]

Campus Sustainability Program Endorsements

Sacramento State CSU Bakersfield
Sacramento State Letter of Support CSU-Bakersfield-KCB-Support