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Litter Survey App Instructions



Download the “Survey123 for ARCGIS” app on your mobile device.

Available in iTunes, Google Play, and the Microsoft App Store.


Using your smartphone open the link which corresponds to the site you will be surveying.

Only people who have been authorized to complete the campus audit should use the link.  

Collegiate Campus LINK

The link will provide you with two options, open in the app or open in a browser)

Select the “Open in the Survey123 field app” option.


Enter your Username and Password


Input your first and last name followed by your section number (i.e. 01, 02 or 05).

Select the appropriate litter assessment 1-4, below are short videos giving an example of what an 1, 2, 3, and 4 assessment looks like:

1 – Low-A-Trash-Level.mp4

2 – Moderate-B-Trash-Level.mp4

3 – High-C-Trash-Level.mp4

4 – Very-High-D-Trash-Level.mp4


Input a location, such as a cross street, building name, or direction you are heading on a street.

Select a description of the Building/Location.


Select litter types you observe at the location (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY).

If you find any car tires input the quantity of the tires you observed.

If you find any mattresses input the quantity of the mattresses you observed.

If you find any shopping carts input the quantity of the shopping carts you observed.

Attach 5 images that best show the litter you have observed.


Ensure that GPS is enabled for the “Survey123 for ARCGIS” app and select the circular locator button to geotag your location.

Select the Green Check Button in the bottom right corner to submit your Survey

Lastly make sure to select the “Send Now” button when the “Survey Completed” prompt shows.

If you do not have network service, you can choose to save your survey as a draft to send at a later date.

You have now completed 1 survey


Be sure to check your “Drafts” Folder to ensure that you don’t have any surveys saved as drafts.  If you do, submit them to remove them from the drafts folder.

Note:  The App icon and Outbox will indicate whether or not there are completed surveys that have not yet been submitted.  Once submitted, the Outbox will not show and the icon will not display an alert.

Before Sending                                           After Sending